Revlon Color Stay Matte Balm Review/Swatches



Hey guys! I hope this entry finds you well and you are able to stay as warm as possible despite the CRAZY bad freezing weather that parts of the country are experiencing right now. Here in Vegas, the weather is pretty awesome. Is that braggy? I’m not trying to sound braggy…..


I wanted to do a quick post and review on some products I have been really enjoying as of late from Revlon. I would have to say hands down that Revlon is probably my over all favorite drug store brand at the moment. Though all the other brands have their strong points I just feel like for the most part Revlon is the one that kind of excels the most in my opinion. Especially as it relates to lip products. In late September they launched a collection of matte balms and a collection of lacquer balms. I really had no interest in the lacquer ones what so ever because whenever I am looking to do a bold lip I want it to be matte…and whenever I am doing a nude lip I don’t like their to be any kind of shimmer or glitter in the formula. I HATE frosty/glittery/shimmery lip products. They are super 80s and dated and cheap looking to me so I guess I kinda had a mental block against the lacquer balm once I did a swatch.

But hear you me, these matte balms are where it’s at, pip cat!!!! I picked up a few over the course of the past month and a half or so and here’s the colors I gravitated towards:

From Left to Right: 210 Unapologetic, 245 Audacious, 240 Striking, 250 Standout, 220 Showy, 215 Shameless



In the past year or so I have been OBSESSED with bold lips and a neutral eye…and bold lips and a smokey eye….and bold lips with no eye makeup at all….BASICALLY they are kinda my thing now. So any chance I get to try a new color range or formula I’m pretty much guaranteed to take it. Especially if we are looking at a drug store price point. I think all the colors that I chose are nice but lets take a close look at them individually…shall we?


Here are the Balms swatched on my arm 🙂

From Left to Right: 210 Unapologetic, 245 Audacious, 240 Striking, 250 Standout, 220 Showy, 215 Shameless



As far as the formula themselves…I am in LOVE. They aren’t going to last ALL day especially if you are eating and drinking but you could def go a few hours without having to reapply. I don’t personally find them to be very drying but that might be because I hydrate and exfoliate the be-jeezus outta my lips on a regular basis. They have a minty/menthol scent to them which some might not like but I rather enjoy 🙂

I hope you guys have an amazing day! Feel free to check out my Instagram, my makeup Facebook page, and my YouTube channel 🙂 all the info can be found on my site’s home page.

Love you guys!

Whit xoxxo






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