Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

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Hope you’re doing amazing in your little corner of the world. Things are going pretty good here. Just trying to get some technical difficulties figured out with my filming and photography set ups and I think that I am finally making some head way! I’m learning so much lately and really finding that things like that website design and photo shop are skill sets that I may be lacking in but I would like to get better at. Not only because it would be beneficial to me to do so for my business but also because I just honestly really love doing it. Anything that gives me chance to be creative is pretty much my JAM.


I thought I would do a quick review on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. UGH! I can’t! I gotta take my hat off to the good folks at Too Faced for this one. There is so much to be loved about this bad boy and I honestly think its one that people of all makeup artistry skill levels can add to their collection and get lots and lots of use out of. It’s clear that they weren’t after trying to create yet ANOTHER Naked palette rip off (which quite frankly, enough is enough already people!) but they were in fact intent on producing a signature product that would stand on its own legs. I have a few Too Faced palettes and while they do have their merits..its NOTHING compared to this ones versatility. AND DID I MENTION..the whole thing smells like chocolate?!?! The shadows are apparently made of real cocoa powder and they smell just like the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer..which we all know is off the chain. Lets take a closer look…shall we?

too faced matte shades

Firstly I can’t believe not only HOW many matte shades there are in the palette (there’s five!) but how great the quality of each of the shades is. They blend out immaculately and aren’t chalky in the slightest. And finally…FINALLY someone put a WARM mid toned matte brown into a palette in the form of the shade Salted Caramel. All of the shades have the same kind of cute, delicious, mouth-watering names. Just LOOKING at this thing makes my pants feel tighter.

All of the colors are amazing. You have a beautiful selection of neutrals, green, blue, purple, as well as some highlighting shades. But my favorites are  the bottom left four colors; that not only are gorgeous when worn on their own but they are also extremely complimentary to one another and definitely have the potential to be bridal makeup staples for me.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar 3

Too Faced Blog 2I can’t stress my obsession with this palette. Its one of the few ones that I have ever found that can be used to create lots of looks on its own without benefit of needing to dip into other shadows or palettes. THE ONLY complaint I have is that it doesn’t include a matte black shade. But even that isn’t even enough for me to try to deter you from picking it up.

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