Classic Red Lip Makeup Tutorial




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I’m not going to lie…I am kinda back tracking a bit here. But I didn’t want to neglect the opportunity to write a blog post about some of the YouTube videos that I posted earlier in the year. ESPECIALLY when it’s in relation to the most universally flattering, timeless, and glamorous makeup looks that you can wear!


EVERYONE looks great in a red lip. But strange enough I have had several conversations with SEVERAL clients swearing up and down, left and right that they CAN NOT pull it off. What I have found over the years that the culprit is NOT some predestined curse against you and your red lipstick is IN FACT a matter of finding the RIGHT shade of red and the right formula.

As far as I’m concerned the ONLY way to go with a red lip (in terms of formula) is matte. In fact…I really only like bright lip colors to be matte. I think it looks much more chic, classic, clean, AND it tends to last for hours and hours without need of touch up or the dreaded lipstick on the teeth nightmare:

lipstick teeth


At the time of filming this video..

The whole LIME CRIME scandal hadn’t quite broken. So I used my old tried and true stand by red lip favey: Lime Crime Red Velvet Velveteen Liquid Lipstick. I’m not a fan of the whole mob mentality thing..and I personally have never had problems with this company. BUT I do recognize the obvious lack of proper business practices and honesty that the company itself has demonstrated over the¬†past several¬†months. With that said…look into the company before you buy and purchase at your own risk.

Should you decide against purchasing with the company I MUST recommend my other classic red lip stand by (also universally flattering and long wearing) which is by MAC in the shade Ruby Woo.

ruby woo


I hope you guys enjoy the video!
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Dior Air Flash Foundation #300
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow in Birkin
MAC Saddle Eyeshadow
MAC Brown Down Eyeshadow
MAC Rice Paper (brow bone)
MAC Nylon (Inner corner of eye)
KOKO Lashes in Goddess
House of Lashes Precious Lashes (lower)
NYC Liquid Liner
MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer
Anastasia Vanilla High Lite Powder
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
TARTE Exposed Blush
Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High lighting Powder (limited edition)
MAC Cherry Lip Liner
Lime Crime Red Velvet Velveteen Liquid Lipstick