BOOK RAVE: The Girl On The Train

girl on the train



Welcome to a new series on my blog called BOOK RAVES. I plan on mentioning favorite books briefly in my new modified Monthly Favorites videos then going a bit more in depth here on The new monthly favorites videos will now feature makeup, books, food, lifestyle, paper crafting, fitness, health and music instead of JUST beauty products. Because LETS BE HONEST: Theres only so much I can say about fifty different kinds of pinky nude lipstick and eyeshadow. I have mentioned in faves of the past that I wanna talk more about things that extend beyond makeup and beauty. In this day and age women are held to such a HIGH un realistic standard of airbrushed Kardashian beauty and I just think we need to take the time to nurture our minds and souls. Since I live by that and promote that in my personal life SO MUCH I think its only right that I start producing content that is in alignment with my core values as a person.

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